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How to cook


Preheat to 200°C on FAN mode.

Put the wire rack in the middle of the oven.

Place pizza on the rack with nothing above or below.

Cook for 12-14 minutes.


Preheat to 200°C on grill mode.

Switch ON both top & bottom grill.

Place pizza in the middle of OTG on grill rack. 

Cook for 12-14 minutes.


Preheat to 200°C on convection mode.

Switch ON rotation of tray.

Place pizza on grill rack stand.

Finish on hot pan to crisp. 

Cook for 12-14 minutes.


Preheat to 200°C on fan mode.

Cut the pizza into smaller pieces that fit inside.

Pizza pieces lying flat on the base of basket. 

Cook for 10-12 minutes.


Preheat a flat pan on a medium flame.

Once hot, lower the flame to minimum and cook pizza for 10 minutes.

Once the base is crisp, microwave pizza 2-3 minutes to finish.

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